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Rayan Nohra is a Lebanese and Moroccan photographer based in Paris.


Integrating the ethos of documentary storytelling into his visual work. Emphasizing creative expression through alternative mediums and aiming to present subjects in a textured and layered narrative, he focuses on working toward redefining the interaction between subject and medium to offer each piece a unique exploration of its inherent story.

"Journal 1" (scan)

"Jourrnal 1", 288 pages, 15x23 cm

"My photographic work is deeply entwined with the personal experiences I undergo. Each image I create is not merely a captured moment but a reflection of a journey—both literal and metaphorical—that I have undertaken. This approach allows me to infuse each composition with the emotions and insights gained along the way. My use of alternative mediums further enhances this personal connection, allowing me to layer memories and impressions in a visually rich tapestry. I want to transmit a memory or information, a story, and offer it as a vivid exploration of life through my lens and hands."

Rabbih and his horse

In Temara, located near Rabat in Morocco.

In the sun-drenched city of Temara, nestled along Morocco's Atlantic coast, the young Rabbih spends his summer days at a local ranch. The images capture a tender yet essential part of his daily routine: leading horses into the the water. For Rabbih and the horses, these moments are not just about escape from the searing heat of summer. Each careful step into the cool waves is a lesson in trust and serenity. As the water swirls around them, Rabbih teaches the horses to find calm amidst the unfamiliar, soothing their spirits and strengthening their bonds. In Temara, where the ocean air mingles with the heat, this ritual is both a necessity and a dance of patience and understanding.

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