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For Carolina Herrera

Displaying the cast and city's energy for the 212 VIP Campaign. Shot on Polaroid and scanned (Frame cropped out of the scan ).

For Carolina Herrera

Print book containing the images shot for the 212 VIP project, mixed format print and polaroids, all scanned and assembled in a zine format retracing the adventure of the cast through the city.

For Jean-Paul-Gaultier

Mixed formats, prints and polaroids, scanned and assembled, displaying the colorful universe of the new Paradise Garden's project.

For Numero Magazine

"Chrysanthemum", editorial shot in collaboration with stylist Emilie de Jaeger, shot and filmed underwater.

For Paco Rabanne 

Mixed medias, prints and collages for the One Million Campaign. 9x9 collage with individual visuals on 1x1 scale. 

For Fucking Young Mag

Prints and polaroids, scanned and assembled for FY's editorial in collaboration with BlueMarble collection'w launch.

For GQ-Man of the year

Mixed format, digital and polaroids for the Man of the Year annual edition. Shot in the Sharjah Architectural Triennale 

For Numero W/ Murakami

Portraits and interview with Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Mixed Medias 120mm BW Film + Polaroid on Paper with Takashi's drawing on it.

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